What makes Adventist education different from other schools?
Adventist schools are Christian schools that integrate faith throughout the curriculum.  We teach our students about Jesus and how to live a life of service to God and our fellow man.  We also teach Christian values and principles.

Are your schools accredited?
The answer is Yes!  All our schools are accredited through the Adventist Accrediting Association.  Also, our schools are accredited through the private school associations of their respective states.

Are your teachers certified?
Eighty-eight percent of our teachers are certified through the Adventist system and many have local state certification as well.  We continually stress to our teachers the importance of lifelong learning and the need to keep certification and endorsements current.

Are class credits transferable to/from other schools?
Our schools accept credits from other accredited institutions public or private.  Credits earned at our schools are accepted at other schools public and private.  The exception is that some public schools will not accept our religion course credits.

Does your curriculum include religion courses?
Yes, our curriculum does teach religion courses.  Every year a student is enrolled in an Adventist school they will take a religion course.  Students are not required to believe the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines, but they will know what Adventists believe.

What are tuition costs?
Tuition costs vary from school to school, so we would invite you to contact the Seventh-day Adventist school closest to you to find the tuition rate in your area.  Typically, our tuition cost is less expensive than other private/religious schools.

Is there financial assistance available?
Financial assistance is available at many of our schools but not all of them.  Financial assistance is often based on financial need and requires an applicant to fill out an application to see if they qualify.

What percentage of your high school graduates go on to college/university?
Approximately 90+% of our high school seniors go on to attend a college or university.